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In Path of Exile, there are three main attributes on which all character classes are based:

    Strength (red color). The main class is the Marauder. A standard physical parameter that increases the base weapon damage. Armor is designed to reduce physical damage, and strong monsters will do a lot of damage to your character, and at the same time it is good to withstand retaliatory strikes.
    Dexterity (green color). The main class is the Ranger. Due to dexterity, the character has a much higher attack speed, and armor with such a basic parameter will provide the character with a significantly increased chance of evading enemy attacks. Smart monsters are not so easy to battle, as they are difficult to get into, and they themselves are often long-range characters with a variety of weapons.
    Intelligence (blue color). The main class is the Witch. Weapons with intelligence are characterized by an increased chance of critical strike, and armor with such a basic characteristic provides the character with a mystical energy shield, providing additional protection against attacks with the possibility of recovery beyond combat. In the majority of cases, monsters with high intelligence are often sorcerers, who are more dangerous if they are not eliminated in the first minutes of the battle.

There are also four classes that are a hybrid mixture, using at once two main characteristics - the Templar (str / int) and the Duelist (dex / str), the Shadow (dex / int) and the Scion (str / dex / int).

Class Features

By themselves class names can not be assigned to any particular archetypes, since classes, as such, are not in the game, and to use different equipment or abilities it is enough that your character has the appropriate attributes and level. Thanks to this in the game there are almost unlimited opportunities in terms of character development, which provides the possibility of creating an absolutely unique hero with his gameplay. Each character has 32 basic characteristics and 14 others, while in hybrids the basic parameters begin with a value of 23.

The marauder is armed with a mace, as it provides the highest possible physical damage. Ranger prefers to fight with bows in a long-range battle, and with swords in the near, thus providing himself with versatility in any battle. The witch prefers such equipment to wands and scepters, which not only increase the chance of critical attack, but also significantly increase the damage from the elements.

Thus, you can choose for yourself the most optimal class in Path of Exile.

Do not forget that each class has a few more Ascendancies that allow you to become more narrow-minded in a particular specialty. Thus, for example, from the Bandit you can make a murderous killer, killing his opponents with powerful critical strikes, or turn him into a saboteur, which undermines his enemies remotely by using mines.

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